Last Update  :  November 1 th 2013

They Art Of Beauty And Performance !

  Owned & Managed by : Van Cauwenbergh Glenn



When buying my first horse in 1997 I fell in love with a Part Bred Arabian Colt still unnamed, I called him Princépé Sublimo (which means beautifull prince in Italian)! He became a gelding and my first western riding horse! We trained for reining and for western pleasure! My passion for Western Riding and Arabians became bigger and bigger! Later on (2006) I bought my first Purebred Arabian mare called Malha bint Kupol it became the start of Sublimo’s Western Arabians (SWA). The beauty of an Arabian horse under a western saddle, combined with the show- and performance results made me realise that the Western Arabian needed a place in Belgium!


Breeding Goal:

Our breeding goal is to breed Arabian horses in the Western Way with good qualities for both riding, breeding and show. Horses that are good for competing in the show and the western scène (reining, western pleasure, trail, horsemanship, …). Therefore it is very important to us that our horses have a good temper and are nice to handle with strong trainable minds. Also qualities such as nice type and beauty, good body, strong legs and movement are very important to us when handling and riding our horses.


In the United States many Pure bred -, Part bred Arabians compete in the western division like western pleasure, trail, horsemanship, reining! Many Arabians are getting many wins in that division and are competing against Quarter Horses with great results!  


So we follow the US Arabian Western Scène very closefully when choosing stallions for our breeding program.


Welcome at Sublimo's Western Arabians


        Photo: Patrick Hermans